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Flex-Moly Solid Lubricant

Flex-Moly Solid Lubricant Paste is a lead and nickel free anti-seize paste used to reduce wear and optimize friction of threaded fasteners, or other metal-to-metal joints, enabling non-destructive dismantling, even after long exposure to high temperatures.
It offers good corrosion protection, under high loads, over a wide temperature range.
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Flex-Copper Bolting Lubricant

Flex- Copper is a high temperature, anti-seize compound used to prevent seizure and galling during assembly even in the harshest pressure and temperature environments.
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Flexitallic can offer a range of high quality special and standard Fasteners. Fasteners are available in both metric and imperial sizes from M1–M160 (1/16”–6”) in all materials conforming to both DIN and ANSI/ASME standards.

For more information please contact your Flexitallic representative or contact us
Special Fasteners are available to suit specific customer requirements:

  • in unusual materials
  • to customer specifications
  • with unusual threads
  • with additional testing

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