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Spiral Wound Gaskets

Globally acknowledged to provide a superior seal against every known corrosive and toxic media, the spiral wound gasket meets the most exacting conditions of both temperature and pressure.

With its unique ability to adapt with flexibility and recovery to the effects of pressure and temperature fluctuations, bolt stress relaxation and creep, INDUSEAL spiral wound gaskets provide a superior sealing solution.

Type R

This spiral wound gasket is a sealing element only – controlled compression must be in the flange. Available in wide selection of materials, tailored to application.

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Type CG

An external metal ring accurately centres gasket on the flange face, acts as a compression stop and provides additional radial strength to prevent gasket blow-out. Compression stop provided by external metal ring.

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Type CGI

For use above class 600, this gasket is a Style CG gasket with an internal ring for an additional compression limiting stop.This gasket features increased compressive force for blow-out prevention. Specified for high pressure/temperature applications.

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Type RIR

Style R with a solid metal inner ring, designed for flanges without a compression stop.  Fills the annular space between flange bore and the inside diameter of the gasket to prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow and minimise erosion at flange faces. Typically used in vessels and valve bonnets.

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Type LS

The Style LS provides all the superior sealing properties of a spiral wound gasket in a gasket suitable for lightly loaded and/or compromised applications which require a low-stress seal, including class 150 service. All features of a spiral wound gasket for lightly loaded applications

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Baker Gasket

Originally developed for refinery alkalation units, the Baker Gasket features and in-built early warning system for potential hydrofluoric leaks.  Any HF acid leaking from the flange travels through an integrated channel in the gasket to the pan-handle which is coated in HF reactive paint – a highly visible indicator for potential leaks. Early detection and repair reduces maintenance costs and avoids major incidents.

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