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Kammprofile Gaskets

The compressibility of a sheet gasket…..low seating stress
The sealability of a spiral wound gasket…..excellent tightness
The handleability of a solid metal gasket…..doesn’t spring apart like spiral wound
gaskets… buckling during installation or in service.


Custom Shapes

Complex solutions involving Finite Analysis to simple re engineered products can be provided.


Style PN

The PN type gaskets are ideal for use in confined locations, including male and female tongue and groove and recessed flange type arrangements.

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Style ZA

The ZA type has a loose fitting outer location ring which is often preferred where flange differential radial thermal expansion may be encountered. These outer rings may also be spot welded.

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Style ZG

The ZG type utilizes an integral outer locating ring for correct gasket positioning within the mating flange bolt circle. Style ZG Flexpro™ gaskets are recommended for used on standard raised face and flat faced flanges.
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