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Flange Rescue Gasket

Across the compliance spectrum, from health and safety, through environmental issues to incident avoidance, the FRG is a cost saving revolution. This corrosion management tool is both proactive in helping inspection and reactive in enabling repair. By reducing leaks and slowing corrosion the possibility of shut-downs with associated HSE visits are dramatically reduced, as is the huge loss of revenue associated with a stop in production.

Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG)

  • Restructured Sigma PTFE bonded to a precision machined metallic core providing a leak free seal and blow our resistance.
  • High visibility, corrosion resistant PTFE coated metallic body with integral bolt holes to aid identification.
  • Highly compressible Sigma 606 to conform to flange face corrosion damage, to seal and prevent further deterioration.

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